Sole Terra was born as an idea to fill a void in the footwear market for quality fashion shoes that feel as good as they look. Now, Sole Terra is a brand exclusively offered in Shoes On Solano stores which specialize in comfort -fashion footwear.

Shoes On Solano and now Sole Terra Shoes, have always had an underlying philosophy to “serve the community with outstanding fashion, without compromising comfort.” To this day, new lines and brands that uphold our philosophy are continually being introduced. We are very happy to offer the unmatched quality of Sole Terra Footwear, made from the finest materials in the world and handmade by Portuguese craftsmen.

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Our shoes will be your favorite kind of footwear!

Shoes On Solano specializes in superior quality, innovative footwear, and accessories from brands that produce their products with a sense of responsibility to our planet. We continue to serve the community with footwear and accessories that will celebrate every part of your lifestyle. Our shoes might not be the only ones in your closet, but they will be your favorite!

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